Our Mandate

PNOC RC is mandated to pursue and implement projects on new, renewable, non-conventional and environment-friendly energy sources and systems to ensure the country’s self-sufficiency in energy, foster allied activities of national interest for sustained economic growth and for better quality of life.

PNOC RC is a Renewable Energy Developer and holder of several service contracts awarded by the Department of Energy (DOE). PNOC RC’s service contracts are currently on pre-development and commercial stages of the project.

Our Mission

  • To provide renewable energy and promote energy efficiency to improve the quality of life of the Filipino people.
  • To enhance customer and stakeholder interests, employee welfare, environmental stewardship, and community well-being.

Our Vision

PNOC RC is the government arm for the development and implementation of sustainable Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs; to achieve operational excellence, superior stakeholder satisfaction, and robust financial performance in the Philippines by 2030.

Core Values


We carry out all our pursuits with quality coherent to the utmost standards of commitment, tenacity, expertise and accountability.

We promote results-driven PERFORMANCE

We work on our tasks guided by goals, benchmark with metrics and measured performance.


We fulfil our tasks with determination, integrity and full responsibility.

We demonstrate STEWARDSHIP

We perform our roles and responsibilities with ethics and integrity that will accomplish projects for the benefit of the common good.


We share our community projects and activities as a civic duty that will benefit the society.

Quality Policy

PNOC Renewables Corporation is committed to be the government arm in the development and implementation of Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs through the provision of quality Technical Services, satisfying applicable requirements, and continuously improving the QMS.