Last April 6, 2018 PNOC Renewables Corporation together with PNOC, PNOC EC, Petron PP, SFI, Elite Blue, ORICA, PRII, NPC Alliance, DENR-NRDC, PNP Mariveles, Batangas Dos and other community volunteers joined in the annual Coastal Clean Up Activity in Mariveles, Bataan. The activity was organized by PAFC Industrial Park as part of its Social and Environmental Program. A total of 255 volunteers from the abovementioned organizations joined the activity. On the other hand, eight personnel (2 males, 8 females) from PNOC RC actively participated in this environmental cause. These teams of coastal stewards were able to collect 16,752.50 kgs of garbage (composed of plastics, Styrofoam, woods, used slippers and shoes etc.) which can displace approximately 57 tons of CO2-equivalent.

Every year tons of garbage and marine debris wind up in our seas and coastlines, with majority of that being composed of plastic materials. Plastics are very hazardous to marine life, killing birds, turtles, whales and an immense number of fish in our ocean. Ocean trash is a serious pollution problem that affects the health of the people, marine wildlife and local economies. This coastal clean-up activity encourages the coastal stewards to get to our beaches and help limit this problem by cleaning up the garbage that has washed up on shore and left by visitors every day.

PAFC Industrial Park Manager and Pollution Control Officer briefing the volunteers before the actual clean up activity

Coastal Clean-Up Activity Photos