Taguig City – The PNOC Renewables Corporation takes pride, as it seals a deal with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas today for a 200-kW Solar Rooftop Facility in the BSP Manila Office.

As PNOC Renewables Corporation aggressively seek for Government partners to support its mandate in the development and implementation of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects, it has engaged the organization months ago to do the partnership and support the government’s thrust on Climate Change Adaptation.  The 200kW project is a priority project of the current BSP Governor, Armando Magalalang Tetangco, Jr.  The said project will be followed by another 400-kW MOA Signing with BSP Quezon City completing a total of 600-kW Solar Rooftop project for Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

PNOC Renewables Corporation is looking forward to start the project in the first quarter of 2017 because it is an addition in the company’s list of completed projects but also a testimony of the trust and confidence among government agencies to have PNOC RC handle these RE and EE projects for their respective agencies.  This marks another milestone for PNOC Renewables Corporation and will stir the company’s drive to promote more partnerships among other government agencies in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industry.

The 200kW facility is expected to be completed by mid-year of 2017 and is expected to drive more partnerships among the two government agencies in the future.

PNOC RC OIC-President, Engr. Pete L. Lite simply puts it during the MOA signing “We are glad to have this partnership with BSP and truly this proves that PNOC Renewables Corporation is a trusted RE and EE government partner.”